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Costa Rica Adventure November 2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Last November, we were very excited and looking forward to spend some time at El Mangrove with our LITAA Board, thanks to Stan Enden, who arranged this great experience for us! The hotel is beautiful, set in a mangrove with suite accommodations and wonderful restaurants! The hotel is a perfect recluse for relaxing and unwinding. We encountered a group of Californians who were there with a yoga group! Poolside and beachfront you could find them every day, having great sessions!

The rainy season in Costa Rica runs from May-November, so we got there at the dry time of the year!

We arranged a boat trip to visit some of the secluded beaches near Guanacaste and view some of the amazing plant, sea, and jungle life! Saw turtles, nurse sharks, monkeys, anteaters, and swam in the beautiful warm waters of the bay! Also got great views of the hotels from the water! Walking into the caves was an experience!

Upon our return, we climbed on a hotel van and headed downtown to grab an American gourmet treat!

Of course, for the more adventurous, this country which has access to Caribbean and Pacific coasts, also has a great amount of water sports, like surfing, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. You can see many different animals, go horseback riding, zip lining, walk across hanging bridges--or just lay back and watch the sunsets!

Since Costa Rica is an island that prides itself in its commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, our organization bought a seedling to replace the trees lost in the rainforest!

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